Happiness is a high bar for parents

Not having parents close by is a recent phenomena, one especially prevalent in the US. In many cultures around the world, a new mom often lives with her family before and after birth. This, to me, makes so much sense. But absent that, being a parent these days is essentially navigating unchartered waters.  We have no script. It’s something I think about a lot because I often feel like we’re flying by the seat of our pants, with so little guidance from our parents.

I watched this Ted Talk and found myself nodding along to so many points. One essential point she made was about how, as parents in the modern first world country, what we want is for our children to be happy. But that thought, of wanting them to be happy, isn’t that easy a goal, and in fact is a bit unreasonable to think that you have control over your children’s happiness.

I will try so hard not to harm you. I like that.

Great discussion, check it out here.


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