Trash cans, toilets, and tempers

So a few months back, when Ollie first started getting into the cabinets in the kitchen, I thought, eh, it’s no big deal. After all, he’d just play with the cabinet doors. Opening and closing, opening and closing. Then he started taking all the contents out and rearranging it. I’d find remotes in the pantry and cans of food in his walker. This, I figured, was still harmless, albeit a mess.

Then, in March, he started getting curious about the bathroom, much to my dismay. Every time we accidentally forget to close the door, he’d make a beeline for it, going from the tub to the toilet. Tub, he kept trying to reach his ducky or throw his ducky on his tippy toes, which means, inevitably, he reaches too far, and falls into the tub. Toilet, I thought, might not be so bad. Maybe he’ll only want to lift and close the lid. Nope, he tries to stick his hand into the water to play. Dear God.

And now, in April, his newest trick is figuring out how to open our damn trash can. You know that little itty bitty crack between the side of the can and the top lid? He’s figured out how to use his itty bitty fingers to lift the lid open.

He knows he’s not supposed to play with it, and he’ll wail anytime we tell him no. And, now you see him testing his boundaries. Knowing mama always says no, he’ll mostly back off from playing with it when I’m around. But with baba, he’ll dig right in… Reinforcing boundaries all around the board, my friends.

Life with a toddler. Fun Fun Fun!

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