15 months

What is new with Oliver?

New physical skill: He walks (!!) with purpose now, ever so careful to crawl down a step and continue his slow jaunt around. It’s so interesting to see a little person develop, knowing that there really are certain things that are innate, very nature vs nurture. He has never been much of a daredevil, to leave your side and freely explore. This applies even with the walking. He doesn’t move fast, but with such deliberation, slow and steady.

Favorite snack: Annie’s cheddar bunnies. I feed him one bunny at a time, while I de-salt each one, much like I do with my pretzels. The bunnies have finally replaced his once-fave, Baby Mum Mums, which were a LIFESAVER when he was having a melt down or during walks or car rides when nothing else seemed to calm him. I didn’t think he’d ever stop liking the mum mums, but here we are!

New social skill: As he is now older and starts to understand more, we have started to set boundaries. We tell him no when he does something he shouldn’t. This, he dislikes and scrunches his face and gets HYSTERICAL. But I really believe this laying of the foundation will help us avoid (at least partially) the terrible two’s. We’ll see…

Naps: 12-2pm. He’s finally down to one nap a day. It took a good three weeks to switch over, where he’d only nap 30-45 minutes THE ENTIRE DAY. Now, two or three hours (if we’re lucky) is the norm. This is especially nice as we can get morning errands done and a hike in too before the nap, and sometimes nap with him!

Teeth: Still 8. He hasn’t had any new teeth since he turned one. Weird that they call them “one year molars”…

Fruits: He’s added mandarins and watermelon to his repertoire, with a particular affinity towards the mandarins, finishing two all by himself. But if he’s any real son of mine, he’ll hoard his watermelon like his mama.

And here’s my favorite little guy! What can I say, he likes to leave his mark…

Watch: Mandarin in mouth

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