Sleepy head

I took a three hour nap on Sat and a three hour nap on Sun and still went to bed, lights out by 9:30pm both days.

This tells me a couple things. One – Ollie gets his sleep habits from his mama. Two – I must be doggone tired. Three – when someone tells me a “power” nap should be 20 minutes, I laugh at the absurdity.

Work has been EXHAUSTING.  In the past week, my days started with 8am meetings followed by 9-4:30pm full day workshops, which means I work through lunch and sit in a conference room on my butt the whole time. It’s a good thing my fitbit tells me how pathetic this is. Not that it’s much better now. I’ve taken to pacing the room as everyone looks on trying to figure out what I’m doing. I’m that girl. And did I mention I’ve been tossing back the espressos like nobody’s business? I wonder what % of my paycheck goes back to the espressos I’m inhaling at work…

I woke from yesterday’s nap in a panic, thinking of all the things I haven’t done yet. And I let out a sigh of relief when I realized it was only Sunday. I still had tonight to work. This has been my life.

But it’s not all bad. Our first vacation of 2014 is coming up and I can’t WAIT!

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