Nanny cams and office supplies, just another day

I was watching the nanny cam today and caught myself thinking, I hope I don’t see her doing anything she shouldn’t. I really need this to work out! What if I can’t work anymore because we need to find a new nanny?? 

This is such a far cry from the early months when I’d watch my MIL ignore what I asked her to do over and over again. I was so knee-jerk in those days. I’d freak and scream at the video feed, tap the computer screen, and yell in my head, I hate work! Why’m I here?? What is she doing?? I need to be homeeeee with my babyyyyyyy!!

You know times are a-changing when I’m hoping I can keep working instead of cursing that I was.

And when our admin drops off my office supply order at my desk? Not gonna lie. My face lights up. I do a little two step dance in my head and imaginary clap in excitement – Ooh so many colorsssss. Which highlighter should I use first? 


The simple joys, my friends, the simple joys.

But really, what makes my day is going home. Esp when it’s mid-70s (!) at 5pm and we’re outside in the backyard. And seeing this little guy grin?

All the noise just fades away.


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