14 Months

This month, not a lot has changed. Ollie still doesn’t like to walk. He’ll take a few steps here and there when he doesn’t realize he’s actually walking, but flat out stop and sit on his booty when he notices no one is supporting him. Gymboree is something he seems to enjoy now, participating in the group activities and all, which is great, since it only took him two weeks to warm up, as anticipated. 🙂

We spent the past weekend in Napa, celebrating my birthday, in a super cute cottage that CS found. He planned and organized the entire weekend so all I had to do was sit back and kick up my feet. It was really the perfect weekend because we got to unwind with our little guy in gorgeous mid-80s weather, with nothing to do but eat decadent foods and drink delicious cabernets.

Whenever we go on a trip though, I’m always a little anxious, unsure how Ollie will handle the change.

But he was perfect, so easy going. It’s weekends like these where I think, Having a baby? It’s not so tough. We went to wineries. We ate in restaurants. We went on nice walks… all the normal things we used to do sans baby. And Ollie loved it all. Even the two plus hour drive to get there and back didn’t faze him. And what about toys? What should I bring? Will he be bored? It’s funny all the $$ we’ve spent on toys when Ollie’s favorites are regular household things. He entertained himself endlessly opening and closing all the drawers in the kitchen, discovering light switches, and shoving and hiding his little cars in shelves.

Birthday dinner at Bistro Jeanty, where he had his first taste of bone marrow 🙂

bistro jeanty

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