New Beginnings

I struggled with the search, having a hard time finding something I liked. So finally, fed up with the process, I said,  Eff it. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. Cest la vie. I put an end date to the job search and thought, if nothing good comes before March 1st, I’m done. I’m going to stay at home with Ollie and that’s that. Wouldn’t you know it, the offer came in Feb 27.

Leaving one company for another is inherently a big move. But for me, much more so — going from a consultant to a FTE is an enormous change. I’ll have to leave home to go to work now. I’ll have a cube that I’ll actually be in, that’s not going to sit vacant for months at a time. I’ll have subsidized lunches and on-site gyms. I’ll have a business cards.

Added to all this, is the fact that this is a brand spanking new industry, completely different from the ones I was in for over ten years. So this is going to be a steep ramp. No matter though, because it’s definitely a move that’s long overdue.

First day flowers, hoping it’s a promising sign of days to come. 🙂


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