Daylight savings and nappy times

Soooo I’m not going to bore you with how UTTERLY IDIOTIC it is that we still have daylight savings here in California and the majority of the US. See article here. But, it’s the bane of my existence as a mom. Your child is good and used to their schedule and you gotta go and get ’em used to waking an hour earlier/later. Ugh.

Anyhoo, this means that last week, I’ve been on Operation Transition Time Difference with Ollie, putting him down a little earlier for his naps and bedtime. Since he’s sick, it actually works to my advantage because he’s super fussy and wants to sleep earlier anyway.

Old bedtime: 7pm

Last week’s bedtime: 6pm

This week’s bedtime: 7pm. Done and done.

Adding to this daylight savings fiasco is the fact that Ollie’s decided he’s ready to consolidate his naps from two to one. This means his morning naps are longer (1-3 hours) and he skips the pm nap all together. This helps because we’re putting him down earlier, and he’s tired anyway. Staying up 6-7 hours without a nap, who would’ve thought we’d finally get here??

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