All out of sorts

It’s tough when your baby is sick, because you think you have plans and schedules? Yeah right. Good luck keeping any of them right now. This past weekend was a first though, because Ollie was not only sick, but he just would. not. sleep. He went through an entire day without a nap. And for a child who loves his Zzz’s, it was telling of how hard a time he was really having.

Andrea, the doula we had in the beginning, was great in many ways, but one of the best pearls of wisdom she shared was changing the perspective you had of your fussy baby. Instead of getting upset or frustrated at how they won’t eat or sleep or stop crying or whatever it is, she would say, “Oooh you poor baby, you’re having a rough time aren’t you? It’s so hard being you…” And at first, it almost sounded comical and sarcastic. But it was that ability to really understand that– Goodness, this big world is super scary for a baby,  and that these changes they’re experiencing must be terrifying– that’s what really helped me get over some hard days/nights.

Ollie has been crying and crying and his nose is running and his head feels hot (fever?) and he’s drooling a ton (teething?) and he’s so clingy that it’s a feat just trying to put him down and get him to play with toys. But then I pause and think, hey this isn’t going to be forever. He’ll get through this. He’s having a hard time. It’s not his fault. And honestly, that’s how I survived this weekend. Sometimes a change in perspective is all you need.

So that was my weekend. Hope yours has been better!

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