13 months

Apparently when your baby turns one, they officially graduate to “toddler”. But I don’t care. Ollie is a big baby, my big baby. 🙂

What’s new this month?

He experienced a huge leap in understanding since turning one. It’s amazing how much better he can communicate with us. For example, he will point and squeal when he sees something he wants. And when you zero in on it, he’ll grin and stomp his feet, as if to say, Yes! You’ve got it! Now gimme!

He responds and points when you say words like “water”, “milk”, “doggy”, “bower”, “tree”,  “teddy”, and he clasps his hands together to say “xie xie” (thank you).

Body parts is also new. When you say”head” or “ear”, he will pat it. It’s the most adorable thing ever especially when he does it with both hands!

Bath time is still his fave. At the sound of the running water, he’ll stop whatever he’s doing and you’ll immediately hear the pitter patter of his palms slapping the ground as he beelines to the bathroom.

He also goes to the park every day with the nanny where he goes absolutely nuts over the swings.

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