While I knew my return to the mat was inevitable, I wrestled with it, delaying it, excusing it.  Oh, I can’t possibly fit my boobs into those sports bras… Oh, I’ll have to feed Ollie… Oh, the classes aren’t at a convenient time. And on and on. But really, I’ve been gone for so long that I just didn’t have the resolve to suck it up and do it.

And it certainly has been a long while – I stopped when I was 5 months pregnant, which means it’s been 1.5 YEARS since I’ve even stepped inside a yoga studio.  But I do find my reluctance interesting, considering how much I absolutely LOVED it all — the flow, the sequence, the meditation, and of course, the aha! moment when I figured out a new pose for the first time.

So because the new (lunar) year has just begun, it was high time for some changes. The nursing bras are all packed away and I was ready to get my sweat on.  And I gotta say, it felt damn good putting on the clothes, zipping up the sweater, and carrying the manduka to the car.  I jumped right in to a 1.5 hour power class, with my fave you-know-she’ll-make-you-sweat teacher. Because, if you’re going to do it, do it big right?

And, I am happy to report, it really is like riding a bike. Not only did I make it through the class, but I also took every chance I had to do an extra chaturanga. And while I may have pulled a groin muscle towards the end, it didn’t slow me down.

New beginnings, my friend. New beginnings.


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