Happy Chinese New Year!

So when a friend (ahem*Anna) mentioned that she buys new outfits to wear on Chinese New Year, I thought, Jeez, if you want to buy a new outfit, just do it, don’t say it’s for a holiday. Fast forward to this morning, I call my mom and she casually mentions that Ollie should wear a new outfit and oh btw, so should you. Say what now? Did I seriously waste years of my life missing out on this excuse opportunity to buy new clothes? And she tells me the day of?

Fear not though. Being the power shopper that I am, I was prepared with a new outfit for the young buck. And lo and behold, I had one for myself too!

And while I know this major holiday isn’t really celebrated much here stateside, who am I to stand in the way of getting the lil guy dressed up? As you can see, I had a new sweater and pants and SOCKS ready to go. Bonus points for being so prepared… right. Now just wait til you see his full out CNY ensemble 🙂

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