Happy Birthday!

The milestones of milestones.  Ollie is a year old today!

What’s new?

He gestures when you say “hi”, “bye bye”, “clap”, and “baba”.

He loves to squawk, especially when his daddy prompts it.

He sleeps 12 hrs from 7pm to 7am but now naps only twice a day (10AM: 1-2 hours and 4PM: one hr).

He is not a fan of cow’s milk, but needs to get on board because he’ll be weaned off breast milk soon (hallelujah). He has a great appetite and continues to eat like a champ — three 6 oz bowls of food a day.

His favorite meals now are: AM: oatmeal/yogurt/cottage cheese/beets/green smoothie, NOON and PM: meat (chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, cod), and veggies (spinach/sweet potatoes, carrots/parsnips, butternut squash) and beans (split pea soup, red lentils). No more purees – yaay!

He loves to talk and babbles nonstop but refuses to say mama.

He is crawling and standing and cruising up a storm and is figuring out how to crawl down steps.

His favorite thing is moving all his toys from one spot to another and also hiding toys and clapping gleefully when he finds them again.

He finally likes stuffed animals. He has his favorite teddy that he sleeps with, but he also giggles and rubs his face on every stuffed animal he sees.

And here’s the birthday boy now. Enjoying his first piece of cake and frosting…




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