Ten months

Ollie is 10 months already!

What’s he been up to?

He can say baba, dada, yeah, and woah. He can high five but his new fave is waving hi and bye bye.

He has four teeth on top and four on the bottom.

He sleeps 12 hrs from 7pm to 7am and naps three times a day, 30 mins in AM, one hour at noon, and 30 mins in PM.

He is still breast fed and eats five 4 oz containers of solids a day. He loves Cheerios, baby mum mums, bananas, small grapes, and bites of whatever we’re eating. He loves biting into whole fruits. He drinks out of regular and sippy cups.

He loves his walker and has outgrown the baby swing, jumperoo, and exersaucer.

He can crawl but doesn’t prefer it. He loves standing or cruising between his leapfrog tables. He can push off from sitting to standing. He can pull up from crawling to kneeling and raise one leg at a time til he is standing.

He’s had separation anxiety since 4 months and will almost definitely not let a stranger hold him.

He has a favorite teddy and a lovey blanket that he sleeps and travels with.

The little bugger. image

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