Hello world!

Welcome to my first post.

Since becoming a mother, my world has undergone as much change as my body. If I thought pregnancy was humbling (the weight! the stretch marks! I need to pee again?) and labor even more so (these contractions, holy hell, these contractions!), the rest of the year since giving birth has surprisingly not let up.

With the seemingly insurmountable challenges along the way this year, motherhood has honestly been one of the few things buoying me in this sea of chaos.

I am so happy to share all my experiences and lessons learned along the way. This won’t be a rosy, life is so great exaltation nor will it be a woe-is-me tirade either. Please comment — I would love to know what what you think about it all!


  1. How exciting!!! I commend you on taking the time to do this, Lily. Thee are many mommy moments simply too juicy for just a journal. I love mommy blogs, and even better to read someones I actually know. Have fun with it!! 😉

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