This is such a great example of how being a mom forces you take a deep breath and just relax sometimes. Babies work at their own speed and there’s no way to speed up their development. Sure we can help them along by encouraging their development with exercises and activities but if they’re not ready, they’re just not ready.

Baby O is a week shy of eight months and finally graced us with his first crawl tonight. We found that his desire to move was based proportionately on the number of interesting objects in his path. Prior to today, his preferred mode was essentially  swiveling in a circle. This was fun to watch as he moved clockwise until he found something interesting enough to pause. I placed toys strategically allllllmost out of reach to engage him just enough without pissing him off; it’s worked well to capture his interest. So imagine our surprise when we found him finally figuring out how to use all four limbs together to move in the correct direction!

Having a nanny is great, but it also means we may (sadly) miss out on some of his big milestones. Luckily we were both home to witness this developmental leap. Ahh a glass of wine is well called for, I say.

Watch him on the move: Crawling

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